Thursday, 14 October 2010


While I am feeling a big Old Vic, trouble with my crust of bread, totally Mutt and Jeff, I have been reading an interesting cookery book.

Zest for Life, The Mediterranean Anti-Cancer Diet, by Conner Middelmann-Whitney is treat. Not whimsical, neurotic or faddish, it provides information about cancer – and how to avoid it and escape its return to the maximum possibility. Also a selection of delightful recipes from what is probably the healthiest diet for any European.

Olive oil, fish, feta, aromatic herbs, fruit and wine this is the food of the Etruscans and the Greek Gods. She will tell you how best to put them together to make delicious simple meals.

Reading this book I have so far lost all interest in my old diet – no more toast and butter, much less red meat, sweets and pastry. I really enjoyed replacing my usual boring potatoes with her cauliflower mash. Mine was a bit brown because of the turmeric and slightly damp as I put too much stock into it, but the taste was divine.

Conner once suffered from cancer but survived and now lives in south west France, where she is able to buy abundant fresh local produce, and she runs a cookery school.

Zest For Life is Published by Matador at £12.95

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