Thursday, 14 October 2010

Joke. (Not side splitting but it amuses me!)


I had a letter in the Daily Telegraph today – to my great joy and surprise. It also had a small headline on the page and a large amusing illustration.

I made one of my favourite jokes. An unpleasant vicar called Simon Shouler was on Radio 4 this week demanding the right to murder badgers that stray into his church yard and he wants to get rid of the bats in his belfry. He said he should be allowed the right to do this, “in his own way.” Very sinister if you ask me.

I pointed out that all he has to do to the bats is baptise, confirm and marry them, and he will never see them again.

I once made this joke to Fr Rodney Bomford who was then vicar at St Giles Church in Camberwell. He was not amused and gave me one of his chilliest looks. Strange people vicars, you never know what will upset them.


  1. Jane, have you come across this OvCa forum? There's masses of information it and though you have to be both careful and selective of what you read I have learned so much from it.

  2. From the Realist Catholic Catechism:

    Q: 'Who are the Faithful?

    A: 'The Faithful are the people of God who gather every Sunday in Church for Mass?'

    Q: 'Who are the Faithful Departed?'

    A: 'The same people of God stampeding out of Church and in to the pub half a second after the end of Mass.'

  3. Dear Bella,
    Thank you for sending that. I will have a look, but I avoid such things at the moment as I am too scared to look!

    Dear Peter,
    Ho, ho, ho! I love ecclesiastical humour, you can't beat it.

  4. Jane, I don't blame you! I have definitely read some things I wish I hadn't! On the other hand, I have gained knowledge at times when I have needed to know certain things. Nonetheless, there is always a danger of 'too much information' which is why it's best to be highly selective.

  5. Dear Bella,
    Just put up a blog about my problems with too much information!